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Pre-Construction Process

After selecting and  trusting Neptune Marine Structures to build your project, we start the design and begin the permitting process once approvals are received.  Approval of the Joint Permit Application (JPA) can be a lengthy process and we work closely with each governmental body tasted with reviewing the application.  Allowing time to receive all approvals allows us to schedule a specific time slot to begin working on your project.

Start of Construction

We mobilize to the site once all major materials are ready to be delivered preparing the area for safe for work including all required erosion control
measures.  Or, if there is demolition required, we begin that phase as early as possible to maintain the project schedule.  Our trusted subcontractors
(Electrical, Tree Removal and Plumbers) work directly for us and are thoroughly vetted.  Quality and safety are paramount and Neptune Marine
meets daily to identify all quality aspects and potential safety issues to ensure and safe and our high standards are met.  Once Neptune Marine starts on
your project, we stay until the project is completed to our clients satisfaction. Quality-Safety-Schedule-Quality is our motto.


After Neptune Marine has completed your project, we restore the project site and obtain all final inspections from each governing agency.  We turn over all
instruction manuals and offer guidance on maintaining your investment for years to come.  Finally, we perform a walkthrough with each client to ensure complete satisfaction with our quality craftsmanship. After six months we like to perform a follow up meeting to ensure there are no issues and the work performed is doing well and exceeding all of the homeowners expectations.